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Why Get Help from an Independent College Admissions Counselor?

Gaining admission to college has become extremely competitive and unpredictable, even for the very best students.  For highly selective colleges and universities, great grades and high standardized test scores no longer are enough.  Thousands of high-achieving students apply—each one more impressive than the next.  But the acceptance rate at the elite colleges typically is between only seven and fourteen percent, and decreases each year.  The admissions process at less competitive colleges, too, has become increasingly selective, and schools that traditionally were thought of as “safety schools” are no longer a sure thing.  High school guidance counselors often lack sufficient time to give much personalized help to each student.  Also, students with specialized interests, talents or needs require additional personalized guidance.

Why use College Dimensions?

Through personalized strategic planning, research, and guidance during each phase of the application process, College Dimensions can help you increase the likelihood of success and reduce the overall stress of the process for you and your family.  Dona Heller, the President of College Dimensions, is an Ivy League-educated former business attorney with extensive understanding of the college admissions process and the ability to get along well with kids.

What Types of Students Does College Dimensions Serve?

What College Dimensions Does for its Students:

  • create a strategic plan for the rest of high school--to build on and maximize the impact of your academic and extracurricular skills, interests, and passions.
  • help you to research, identify, and visit a balanced group of colleges that are well-suited to you and include "reach schools," "good bets," and "likelies."
  • advise you in preparing effective, unified applications and essays that distinguish you from your peers and convey a clear and consistent picture of who you are and what you would bring to a college community.  
  • lessen the stress of the process for you and your family.  

We'd be glad to meet with you at your convenience.  If you have questions or are interested in scheduling an initial consultation, please call us at 818-788-2550 or send an email to dona@collegedimensions.com.  In the meantime, please do check out the rest of our website:

The college admissions process is complex, highly competitive, and stressful. At College Dimensions LLC, we can help you understand and effectively navigate through that process—maximizing your options and minimizing the stress. From our base in Los Angeles, we serve students locally, nationally, and internationally—using email, phone, fax, and Skype with video when in-person consulting sessions are not possible. 
•   Elite Athletes
•   Dancers   
•   Musicians
•   Environmental Enthusiasts
•   International Students
•   Average Students
•   Academic Super Stars 
•   Performing or Studio Artists
•   Students with Learning Differences
•   Students with Special Needs

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