One-on-One, Confidential College Admissions Consulting
with College Dimensions President, Dona Heller.

When you choose College Dimensions, you'll be consulting one-on-one with Dona Heller, the Founder and President.  As a former business and regulatory attorney, Dona is dedicated to using a confidential and individualized approach to guide you and your family through the college admissions process while lessening the stress.  While College Dimensions generally provides services in person, we also can serve clients at a distance, using fax, email, telephone,and Skype
with webcam.

Personalized Approach--Not "Cookie Cutter."

Because every student is different, at College Dimensions we believe that the approach to college admissions should not be a “cookie cutter” one.  We take care to find out what is important to each student—including interests, goals, dreams, needs, and preferences.  Then we consider that information and the student’s academic and extracurricular profiles to develop a customized approach used throughout the applications process. 

An Experienced Attorney's Keen Analytical, Strategic, Writing, and Organizational Skills

Dona Heller’s extensive experience and skills as a business and regulatory attorney make her particularly well-suited to:

  • analyze and understand your individual background, strengths, honors, awards, and accomplishments;
  • develop strategies to strengthen your academic and extracurricular profiles, with a view toward maximizing the impact of your application;
  • research and analyze data and other information about colleges and their programs, to help you build a balanced list of core colleges that are good fits for you;
  • teach you to get yourself organized for the application process;
  • teach you how to do your own productive research about various targeted colleges;
  • guide you to write your own effective essays that express your personal voice and convey a clear and consistent picture of who you are;
  • guide you to complete your applications in an effective and timely manner; and
  • review and evaluate your applications using a lawyer’s analytical perspective.

For Students With Learning Disabilities:

Dona’s familiarity with learning disabilities and special education law issues provides her with background and perspective to assist college-bound students who have special needs in those areas.

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