Students Differ Greatly in the Amount of Help Required
There is no “typical college applications process.”  Each student has his/her own strengths, needs, and goals.  So at College Dimensions we use an individualized approach, taking into account those differences.
Some students require more overall help, while other students need substantial guidance with certain tasks, yet very little with other aspects.  Depending on a student's needs and goals, significant help may be necessary to reaserch and identify a balanced group of appropriate colleges to visit and apply to.  The number of applications to be prepared often varies from student to student.  And the time required to prepare all of a student’s applications can vary significantly, depending on the student's own initiative and capabilities, and also on how complex and different each application is.  We would be glad to discuss which package—as is, or adapted to fit your particular situation—would be most appropriate for you, and also to discuss our fees. 
Our initial meeting with the student and parents will last for up to two hours, and the flat fee for this meeting is at a reduced rate.  In general, we bill for our services in three-hour or four-hour prepaid blocks.  Pleasecontact usto discuss your particular situation, the fee structure that would be applicable, and any other questions that you may have about our firm.
Phase One Package
Phase Two Package
Phase Three Package

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