Phase One Package

It is best to begin Phase One at the end of eighth or ninth grade, when there is more time remaining in high school to implement strategies for strengthening the student’s academic and extracurricular profiles.  When a student begins at a later point in high school, tasks for various phases are combined.

The general time range for the Phase One tasks is approximately 4-8 hours, though individual needs may require additional time. 

Getting to Know You; Initial Assessment; Strategizing

Initial Family Meeting (for up to 2 hours, at a reduced fee)

Assessment of Student Academics and Extracurriculars

Student Questionnaires Regarding Interests, Skills, Academic Style,
Values, Goals, and Dreams

Strategic Planning for Academics, Extracurriculars, and Summers

Strategies for Solidifying Relationships With Teachers and
School GuidanceCounselor

Standardized Tests—Deciding Which Ones to Take, and When

Phase Two PackagePhase Three Package

Basic Packages and Fee Arrangements--Overview

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