Phase Two Package

The general time range for Phase Two tasks is approximately 6-20 hours,and individual needs generally  vary.  If a student needs significant extra help researching colleges to develop the list of "core colleges," then the number of hours will exceed that specified above.

Getting Organized; Selecting and Visiting Your Core Colleges

Getting You Organized

Preparing your “AAA Sheet”—Activities, Accomplishments, and Awards 

Selecting a Set of “Core Colleges” to Visit and Apply to 
 This is an area where the time may vary greatly, depending in large part on how much
research the student has already done on his/her own, and how appropriate his/her 
targeted college list is when we begin our engagement

Deciding Whether to Apply for Early Decision or Early Action

Campus Visits—Maximizing the Process and Discussing Your Reactions

Interview Preparation (if indicated at this point for campus visits)

Standardized Tests—Deciding Which Ones to Take, and When

Phase Three PackagePhase One Package

Basic Packages and Fee Arrangements--Overview

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