International students and their families often are unfamiliar with the college admissions process at American colleges and universities.  Additionally, even while promoting diversity on their campuses, quite often the more elite American colleges have quotas—either formal or informal—that limit the number of international students accepted, making the admissions process additionally competitive for them.  And when English is their second language, international students may well be at a disadvantage in preparing their application materials. 
As needed, College Dimensions can provide additional assistance to international students and their families to:

better understand the various aspects of the process in U.S. colleges    
and universities

research and identify American colleges and universities to apply to

plan visits to selected core colleges

strengthen their applications--particularly with respect to use of language 
 in essays and short answers, as well as the general approach

prepare for the transition to attending college in the United States

We use Skype, with webcam capability, to facilitate communications with international students.

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