Phase One:

Getting to Know You; Initial Assessment; Strategizing

Initial Family Meeting 
We meet initially with the student and parents to discuss their thoughts, hopes, and questions about colleges, the admissions process, the student’s academic and extracurricular profiles, and our firm’s admissions counseling programs.   

Student Academic and Extracurricular Assessment

We review and assess materials provided to us by the student, including his/her academic records, test scores, high school profile, and list of extracurricular activities.  If advisable, we make recommendations regarding academic tutoring and/or classes to improve study skills.  

Student Questionnaires

We use our Student Questionnaires to identify various factors that are important to each student in selecting colleges, and also to further explore the student’s interests, passions, and personal goals and dreams.  Because students’ responses to our questions may change as they proceed through the admissions process, we may use follow-up questionnaires to obtain a more current picture.

Strategizing About Academics, Extracurriculars, and Summers

We strategize to help you develop an initial individualized blueprint for the student’s high school academics and extracurricular activities—both during the school year and in the summers in between.  It is based on the student’s individual skills, interests, and passions—with a view toward developing a unified theme that will percolate through the college applications and convey a consistent picture of the person he/she is and what he/she has to offer to the college community.  Of course, this blueprint is subject to revision, as needed, throughout the application process.

Solidifying Relationships With Teachers and School Guidance Counselor

We suggest to the student various ways to become better known over time to teachers and the school guidance counselor, paving the way for more meaningful letters of recommendation.  

Standardized Testing

We help you decide which standardized tests to take, and when to take them.  

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